Key features -unozio-ontrade

  • MT4 integration – Connect with your trading account from any broker 📱Supports Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum.💳
  • 2FA verification on login and registration ⏳
  • 5 Levels Referral System (Stable)
  • KYC (Know your customers) Compliance
  • Advanced users management 
  • Admin can export records to excel, text, pdf and csv file format
  • Simple and friendly frontend💎content editor from admin 🖥
  • Automated and dynamic ROI (Return on investment topup)
  • Signup Bonus
  • Email notification on registration, when ROI drops and at the end of the investment circle.⚙️
  • Beautiful default email template for all notifications 💳Live chat management
  • Mass email to all users
  • Referral system
  • Audit logs
  • Admin roles 📰
  • Logo and favicon management 📜
  • Our guarantee
  • Patch and fix any bugs or broken content
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • Help get you set up and installed!
  • Provide excellent support with a fast response rate 💰
  • Payment methods

CoinPayments automatic methods.

  • Bitcoin 💵
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin


  • Credit card (Paystack) 💳
  • Bank deposit/transfer  ⚖️
  • Credit card (stripe)
  • PayPal  💰
  • Bitcoin (Manual)
  • Ethereum (Manual)
  • Other methods provided by admin through email contact (E.g. MoneyGram, Western Union) 💻
  • Credit card test details 💳
  • Expiry date: Any date above current date.(E.g. 07/2022)
  • CVV: Any four digit (E.g. 7535)
  • Email: Any email provided.
  • Card number: 4242 4242 4242 4242

At a glance

  1. Live chat system.🖥
  2. Fully responsive design.🎙
  3. Automatic top-up to users account (Hourly, daily, weekly or monthly). As specified by the admin ⏰
  4. Manual top up also included ⚙️
  5. Stop trade (auto top-up) on users account on nonworking days (weekends or holidays)
  6. Live trading charts
  7. Customers testimonials.
  8. Withdrawal and deposit methods.
  9. Secure Database with input escaping so no SQL Injection!
  10. Protects against CSRF attacks!
  11. Standard passwords encryption.
  12. SEO friendly URLs.
  13. Informative USER Panel.
  14. Deposit history.
  15. withdrawal history.
  16. Earning history.
  17. Smooth and proper navigation.
  18. Support system.⏳
  19. Referral system.
  20. Admin specify currency.
  21. Admin send notification to user dashboard.
  22. Admin create and edit plans.
  23. Admin manage withdrawals.
  24. Admin manage deposits.
  25. Admin manage users.💎
  26. Block and unblock user.
  27. Settings page.⚙️

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